Best Car Seat, Best Price, Your Children Will Love The Comfort

We would love to welcome you to, your one stop shop spot to find the best seat for your precious baby while riding in the car.

Accidents can happen, but when driving a young child, parents will frequently drive much more defensive to protect their own, but nevertheless, you can never trust all of the drivers on the road.

We have chosen specific car seats that can protect your child in the event of a car accident. Our car seats are created with protection in mind, and they have been tested just for that purpose. Once creating a sturdy shield to keep your child locked in the seat and protected in the best way possible, we then create a seat that is also incredibly comfortable for the kid. All of our materials come from either the United States of America, or Mexico. The plastics are usually created in Mexico while the fabrics are created in the United States. Every piece of fabric is given to, where they will steam clean the fabric, then give it to our factory, which is located in Northern California, where it is cut. After being cut, we use local companies to create the gel, cotton, or mesh padding for the seats.  We don’t want your kid being locked into a seat for possibly hours at a time, and have him not be comfortable resulting in a crying baby all trip. So we do our best to make the experience for you and your child as comfortable as it can possibly be.

Let alone comfort, we don’t want to hurt the child’s posture. The formative years of a baby’s, toddler’s, and small child’s posture can greatly influence their core strength and the posture that they begin their young childhood with. The act of sitting early on in a child’s youth can dramatically influence the development of a child. And our car seats at Sillas De Coche are the choice of parent’s everywhere.

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Why Buy Ours?

Our low prices are the result of a steady stream of happy customers buying our high quality car seats. Of the billions of people who are able to successfully reproduce a child, something that hindsight helps with is knowing that it can actually be decently expensive to have a child. Although that kid is a tiny human being, they will actually eat a ton. Where do they put all of that food? In a diaper, or to help them grow into full size. But all of these costs compound together and some parents are left with having to choose low quality items for their family so as to not compromise their current state of wealth.

Happiness often follows the baby’s birth, but the expenses are sometimes great. Our family knows this and works with the market so anyone can afford our car seats. And let’s be clear, although we have the best car seat prices around, the price does not compromise the quality and protection. Everything we do is for the benefit of families. We put the family before the dollar at Sillas de Coche. Since our roots come from the Mexican people, we love our Mexican families. For those who bleed the blood of Mexico and live in the country, we offer special pricing for Mexican families just as an added bonus of helping our company grow.

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Wide Selection of Products

Our brand is sacred to us. One of our goals of our company is to have the largest selection of car seats for babies, toddlers, and children. We are always on the lookout for the newest seats, hottest brands, all across the world. Yes, this business is international, and with that comes a large variety of products ranging from all different sizes, shapes, designs, amenities, and colors.

We realize a successful business has their go-to products but also a wide selection to choose from. Companies like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Macy’s, and Costco carry their own specific brand items as well as a huge lot of different brands items that they are able to sell at costs that can beat just about every other company. How do they succeed with the lowest prices? Well, their prices make them little money per sale, but the quantity of goods that they are able to sell to their customers allow them to far and away exceed revenues compared to their competitors. Our brand realizes we want to be a huge and competitive large market in the car seat industry, and to do so, we keep our selection far and wide, and our prices low, low, low to the floor!

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The Customer Experience

The secret to our business is retaining customers. We have a loyal bunch that will refer to us their families and their friends because they know what they are going to get out of us! High quality support, a fantastic competitive group of products, and a price that is really hard to beat.But it’s not just friends and family that we get out of our customers, the same people who have used our products often will end up using us again the next time that they have a child. Our stuff is that good. Sometimes we like to think some of our customers will have a child again just to see their cute little faces enjoying the car seats they are in on the long drives around town and throughout the world.

One of the secrets to a business that is successful time and time again is keeping the customers at their happiest all the time. We welcome constant feedback from people who have used our products. Whether it be good or bad, we take all the of the suggestions to heart, and the thank you’s even closer. Your feedback helps us improve our service and the image we bestow. If we don’t receive good feedback from customers on the regular, we don’t think their would be too many people using our products again. So by treating every person like a member of the Sillas de Coche family, we think we are able to influence people to have a great opinion on what our company does.

Our pledge to you, customers of Sillas de Coche, is to provide the best seats around, in quality, in comfort, in protection, in price, and do it with a great support staff, and a warranty to back our product.

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Tested Products

Our car seats were tested to establish what kind of protection they offer, what kind of comfort they provide, and using baby friendly materials. These car seats were also designed to hold a baby locked into place in case of an impact with a wall, or another car. We brought concrete contractors in to design multiple slabs that we actually would crash vehicles into and test what kind of impact that would have on a child fastened in the car seat. All our car seats have been chosen to bring to market due to their ability to provide quality protection to the occupants, and a comfortable seat as well. Parents and family members alike will appreciate how much work went into making sure we are providing the best car seats around the world.

Shipping And Returns

As a dominant company in the car seat market, we want to make sure your satisfaction has been absolutely met every time you use one of our products. If you are not absolutely and completely satisfied with any of our products, we stand by our pact to you that we will replace, or refund the item that you have ordered in the last 30 days.

To date, less than 1% of products that we have shipped out have been returned back to us. When we put something out as products, usually the market is ready and can tolerate our being in the market.