Car Trips

Whether they were planned or surprise, your new addition to the family can sometimes hold you, or you and your significant other from little trips and vacations that you may have liked to take that you just don’t have the opportunity anymore.

People will often fret whether or not a baby can comfortably sit in a car for hour long, or multiple hour long drives. And, especially considering how fragile they are in their youth, you want to make sure they are absolutely protected throughout the entire journey.

What the deciding factor that will pinpoint whether or not a baby can handle a long car trip will be the type of car seat that he or she is sitting in. If the seat is designed for protection with an added bonus of comfort involved, there is a strong likelihood that the manufacturers created a seat that will allow your baby to be comfortable for the entirety of a long ride in the car.

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Compared to the seats that us adults are sitting in, baby car seats are much more involved in the bells and whistles that go into them. Usually car seats for children will have belts that will hold the center of the baby back against the seat. This is designed this way so in the event of hard braking, the seat will hold the child firmly still and not allow them to break loose from the seat. Same goes if there is a car accident, babies, or children in a car seat are much less likely to suffer from the same whiplash that the older folk do if they are properly fastened into their car seat.

One thing to keep in mind when setting up a child in a car seat for a long drive is to judge how comfortable you are during the drive. If you are feeling unsettled and need to get out of the car and stretch for a bit, your child may need to do the same even if they are not telling you. Also, you do not want your child having an accident in the car seat. Due to the constant jostling around and bumpiness in a car ride, there is a stronger possibility that a diaper may not be able to totally contain all of the mess of an accident, and that would leave you with a stinky car, and a messed up car seat. Take frequent breaks during a long car ride, more than you would normally take and make sure to clean up your child any time there is a little blunder waiting for you along the journey.

During a couple vacations that some of us have taken here at Sillas de Coche, we have found that children enjoy some car rides if you are able to make it enjoyable for them. To them, the act of riding in a car is somewhat new to their lives, and since they are not necessarily used to it, sometimes children will enjoy the feeling of a the car accelerating and decelerating as it is kind of a new sensation to them.

Another good plan of action to take on a long car ride where your child is strapped up in the car seat is to either play some tunes, or sing a couple songs for your baby. Children are very sensory beings, and they take kindle to having all of their senses messed with.

Try out a couple of these tips on your next car ride, and then refer back to us with any stories that you may have!



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