Safety, or Comfort? Why Choose?

What do you prioritize more in a car seat personally? Let us say that there are two identical cars next to each other, and you are forced to choose between them for which you are going to go in a 6 hour drive in. One car has premium comfortable seats with back support, mesh bottom for air ventilation, and a comfortable positioned headrest to relax on for the road. This first car has a B rating when it comes to safety. Now, compare that car with car number 2. Car number two has an A+ rating in safety, and B-quality seating. Which are you more inclined to sit in. Most of the people who we have asked this question to have chose comfort. And why not? Car accidents are rare and we spend much more of our time in cars trying to get comfortable rather than worry about safety.

Now, let’s pose the same question for your child. Would you rather have him, or her sit in a car seat that is absolutely comfortable, or one that is absolutely safe that you can trust will do the most to protect your child in the event of an accident? Most parents will go with the option of the safest car seat possible. Weird, is it not? Most people will choose comfort for ourselves, but safety for other people.

I posed this question to get you thinking about what your seat is doing for your child, or if you have one yet. At Sillas de Coche, we like to ask a follow up question to this, why should you have to choose for comfort or protection? Most companies will pick and choose what to spend on their car seats so they can reap in the most profits without providing the best product they can. Our company is different than most of the bottom feeding companies. We like to rep our brand like the international chain company that it is. You know how places like Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam’s Club and other department stores will have the best prices and a large assortment of merchandise? And it always seems like those kind of companies are getting bigger since consumers don’t want to spend time price checking, they would rather go to the best deal. ¬†We place ourselves on that same comparison. We realize we can make much more money if we provide all of the best products at a lower rate than all of our competition. While the competitors will try to up-sell their customers to get the highest profit per item sold, we decided we would rather give everyone the affordable option for the same exact product.

Sillas de Coche car seats are always comfortable, and most of all, always safe. When you want safe and reliable seats that will protect your children, you choose us. If you want your child to be comfortable for a long ride, pick our products every single time. You will not regret it!



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